Target spotting camera

The challenge, in the words of the client, speaks for itself:

We can’t see exactly where we hit our target, which is 1000m away from our shooting position. This means we have to drive to the target to see where we hit to know what adjustments to make. However, by the time we get back conditions have changed so the inputs we make to our rifles are not relevant anymore. We would like to have a system which shows us in real time where we hit the target.

The solution proposed and developed:

A portable, case based system that can stream live video over a distance of more than 1km. The actual system, which constituted of 2 x 12V RF video RX/TX units connected up to small monitors, allowed the client to view the targets real-time and make adjustments immediately after each shot. The solution provided increased target accuracy and allowed each marksmen to fire off more than double the amount of shots per day than they had previously.