High Power LED Bike Light

This was an interesting project, back in the day, when really high power LED’s were becoming popular. The bike light was developed for a client who does a lot of adventure racing, which are often 24hour events, and required the critical ability to be able to see, and be seen, at night.

This light uses a ‘Buck Driver’ to control the really high power LED. The output from the Seoul P7 LED is 1000lumens which, I can vouch for, is pretty bright especially back in 2008…

Coffee Cup Caddy

We were approached by our local coffee shop to help visualise and produce a solution to organise the straws, cups, lids and syrups used on a daily basis . A modular system was agreed on, after some brainstorming, that can be adjusted to meet their exact requirements.

The system was 3D printed using PLA. All the parts have the same interlocking feature, which makes it easy to setup exactly as is needed to maintain order and assist with productivity when putting together orders in the heat of the coffee rush.

JustinCase – 3D Printer to fit in a case

This was quite a unique idea brought to us by a client. We were asked to look into designing a custom 3D printer that can fit into a relatively small case, yet, still maximise print volume. The idea behind this design was to have 3D printers built into sturdy flight cases that could then be shipped out to individuals all over the country on a rental basis.

Target spotting camera

The challenge, in the words of the client, speaks for itself:

We can’t see exactly where we hit our target, which is 1000m away from our shooting position. This means we have to drive to the target to see where we hit to know what adjustments to make. However, by the time we get back conditions have changed so the inputs we make to our rifles are not relevant anymore. We would like to have a system which shows us in real time where we hit the target.

The solution proposed and developed:

A portable, case based system that can stream live video over a distance of more than 1km. The actual system, which constituted of 2 x 12V RF video RX/TX units connected up to small monitors, allowed the client to view the targets real-time and make adjustments immediately after each shot. The solution provided increased target accuracy and allowed each marksmen to fire off more than double the amount of shots per day than they had previously.

Adjustable Rifle Stock Butt Plate

Many rifles have standard stock sizes. The idea with an ‘Adjustable Rifle Stock Butt Plate’ is to make it possible to adjust the rifle stock to your exact and specific requirements. It can adjust in length/angle and height, this allows the marksman to get the most comfortable setup for them, personally.

The design and finishing of the parts was all done in-house, with manufacturing project managed through a third-party.